Debora Bonemei Dance

Dancer-Teacher-Choreographer- Director                            

La alegria de Vivir
La barberia del Sur (Sabor Flamenco. Cd1)

Debora was born in Rome, her journey into movement shuffled from Gymnastic Artistic to the glamorous world of Salsa & Latin dances; passionate Flamenco to later land onto the adventurous landscapes of Contemporary dance theatre.

In London Debora studied Flamenco with La-Escuela-de-Baile performing in Flamenco Spectacular at Peaocok Theatre; joined Cultura Latina Dance Company performing Salsa & Latin across UK for prestigious corporate events and Latin festivals.

She continued her professional development in dance and  movement, studying dance theatre and choreography at The Place; Greenwhich Dance AgencyKensington Chelsea College and  Birkbeck University.

Co-founder of LCP Dance Theatre, Debora has worked with this company as artistic director, choreographer and dancer since 2006. 
In 2012 she produced and danced in the latest LCP Dance Theatre project "Rights?" sponsored by BBC Performing Arts Funds

Lately featured as Salsa dancer in the featured film Cuban Fury directed by James Griffith to be released in the summer 2013.


Debora continues to dance, teach and choreograph with great passion, currently based in London, UK